【Say it loud】Report of the seminar, “Say Their Names” Black American Women Lost in History

The workshop began with a tour of the exhibition that has been in the library since February 1st.

This exhibition was the theme and foundation of the 2024 Say it Loud Black American History Month. The audience was very interested in the information that the guide gave. They were patient and eagerly wanted more information about where they could find out about unknown history. The next phase was in the library studio.

There was a lecture, with a question and answer period. Some of the pioneers included in the lecture were very surprising to the audience; the inventors of the home security system, the seat that is used on airplanes to call airline attendants, Lasik eye surgery, the 3D system that is used in movie theaters today, and the forerunner to the Murphy bed. All of these inventions and discoveries were made by Black American women. 

The last segment consisted of a short video that highlighted the aforementioned woman plus some additional information. The dough kneader was invented by a 15 year old ex slave. She couldn't write her name and signed the patent letter with an X. The clothes wringer was a great invention that was practically given away for 18.00 dollars. Marginalized people normally underestimated the financial benefits that their inventions would bring.

Throughout the program there were questions and correct answers rewarded several attendees with a prize.The evening ended with an applause of appreciation for an evening full of new information about little known history that affects the world we live in today.